What do we do? We make dirt go bye-bye!
Cleaner, quicker, all Marlene, you know?
About Us
I’ve been in the cleaning game for 20 years. Marlene Cleaning Service LLC has been making houses and businesses shine. Two decades watching dirt split and smiles pop up. When it comes to cleaning, we’re the real deal.
Deep Cleaning
For those stubborn messes that just won’t bounce.
Built or renovated? We got the cleanup, no problem.
Regular Cleaning
Keeping everything on point, always.
A clean workspace is a fantastic workspace.
Why Marlene?
Cause 20 years is lots of work. We have the experience and everything to make your house shine!


Before and After:
Marlene Cleaning Service LLC is always here! 😉
Got Questions?
Generally no, we inform you more precisely at the time of hiring, observing the size and dirtiness of the place, if additional hours are necessary, 1 hour of addition is equivalent to $15.
Yes, after contacting us, the appointment will be made in a few minutes.